Winston’s second day

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Pixel the Boston Terrier

Pixel the Boston relaxing outside Winston

Winston and friends enjoyed a long day hanging at Harmony Ridge Campground. Godzilla the Shih Poo wasn’t sure what to make of the Q family living in a new home so stayed very close by and had to see us at all times. Jabba the Juggle Puppy had a blast and enjoyed all the new sights and smells. All three Q dogs behaved very well – SURPRISE! Mum was certain we were going to get kicked out for bad dogs barking all night long. The Q family played badminton, swam in the pool and made campfire marshmallows. A lovely quiet summer day!

Jabba the Juggle got into a little trouble getting in to the pool – don’t do that! There are no signs posted at the pool area about dogs but dogs were not allowed in the pool area. Oops! Definetly do not do that should you visit! Sorry¬†Harmony Ridge Campground! Otherwise the campground is very relaxed and loving of the 4 legged friends.