Winston’s Big Ol’ Roadtrip Day 9

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IMG_20150706_181557The rain of the evening before brought unusually low temperatures for the Badlands stop the Q family hustled to get to the park early so we could do a substantial hike without dying in the heat. We chose the “Medicine Root”, “Castle Trail” loop and ended up spending some time side tracking around “Saddle Pass”. It was about a 4 mile hike. All children including the 4 legged ones handled the hike well, we made sure there were a lot of water stops. The hike lead us out through the grasslands, past the formations up to the cliffs and then back through the grasslands. On Saddle Pass we found a shady spit for the 4 legged beasties to rest while the kids climbed the rock formations. They especially loved finding a cave that thankfully was not home to any rattle snakes!

We spent the rest of the day plodding around the park taking in the sights. Watched a lovely sunset in the park.

We passed an unusual house truck with a pile of barely dressed gorgeous young ladies coming out of it. As we passed EQ said he wanted to stop and take his picture with them. ZQ, who was making a smart comment about a previous lecture over not looking out at the scenery, says “see EQ, THAT’S why we have to be always looking out at the scenery!” At least we know he’s listening to us!

We discussed our next step and discovered Dad has totally relaxed about needing a reservation and destination. The joke the entire trip is “the journey IS the destination”. Well Dad had totally embraced this concept and instead of following our previously plotted course we got in the road headed towards Kansas! I can’t wait to look for Toto! Tomorrow’s joke will be “we’re not in Kansas in anymore, oh wait, we are”.

EQ quote of the day “My poop has crossed the a Rubicon”.

Total miles – still driving – update 250. Stopped at a truck stop to rest.

Please excuse typos and auto corrects, this is posted from a phone while in a moving vehicle with limited cell service. ..