Winston’s Big Ol Roadtrip Day 8

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IMG_20150705_165802Wow! What a crazy fun day! Couldn’t have fit more in it if we tried.

We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise in Rocky Point recreational area, South Dakota. A lovely treat.

We got on the road fairly early and headed towards Badlands National Park, South Dakota. We found several amazing stops along the way.

First stop was up a crazy hill for an RV. It twisted and turned and we were very glad not to meet anyone coming down the hill in the opposite direction. Winston handled it like a champ! At the top we discovered a friendship monument to Roosevelt. The scenery was stunning! A pleasant side track.

Next stop was the town of Deadwood, South Dakota! The cowboy town! What a gorgeous town! We had so much fun touring about even though Google was desperate to get Winston stuck on some crazy side street that barely fit cars. Dad is getting crazy good at serving Winston in challenging circumstances!

Deadwood, South Dakota is if course home to the graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hitchcock.  (At Mount Moriah Cemetery) We managed to catch a tour guide dressed as Wild Bill at the gravesites. The kids loved listening to the cool cowboy stories.

Back on the road we fell for the tourist trap signs for Wonderland Cave. After a very scenic drive ensuing in another scary dirt road for Winston we finally found the cave, which is not by the way on the way to Mount Rushmore as the sign claimed! The cave was a cave and the kids liked it but as far as caves go it wasn’t terribly dramatic.

Next stop Mount Rushmore! It’s Mount Rushmore! It’s cool, what more can you say? We hit it just before the rain so it was pretty well timed. We ate ice-cream and enjoyed how truly amazing it is. Little AQ having known nothing about Mount Rushmore, was very excited to see the carvings of the presidents in the mountains. When we got there she asked where the rest of them were. Very cute misunderstanding.

Next we drove towards Badlands National Park. Just after we entered the park we found a real deal rodeo which of course we stopped to watch. We saw all kinds of a rodeo show including bull riding. We left just as the storm hit & went to Badlands Interior Campground. We arrived at the campground just as the sky opened up so we watched a movie inside while we ate. Winston is a dream!

Pixel is almost herself again. All dogs are enjoying the travels.

Total miles 220.


Please excuse typos and auto corrects, this is posted from a phone while in a moving vehicle with limited cell service. ..