Winston’s Big Ol’ Roadtrip Day 7

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IMG_20150704_202635The Q family got moving rather late today. After stumbling bleary eyed around the campground for a while we headed straight for somewhere to go Winston’s tires. Turns out filing tires on an RV is somewhat more complicated than on a car. .. we attempted it and got it a lot better than it was but decided to head for a truck stop which meant giving up the drive through Yellowstone National Park for a drove through Montana.

Montana is beautiful. Mum Q was very pleased with this route! We found a truck stop that was interesting indeed. First there are people who hadn’t showered in some time coming out of the cheesy looking truck stop casino in their PJs including what looked like a Dad & kid going in & bringing out the Mom. Then across from there was this tiny little shank that made the best coffee we have had on our trip so far! Could even rival some a New York City Cafes!

On the road again with fresh full tires. We spotted Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park. What a view stop! We spotted so many little cute prairie dogs! Mummy’s, big daddy’s, fat little babies. Well worth the quick stop right of the highway.

Petroglyph Cave State Park was our next stop. It was pretty and the kids enjoyed it but years of tourists coming through have made the petroglyphsame pretty hard to spot. Mum had to stay with Pixel in Winston for this stop as she stepped outside & was immediately overheated. It was a billion degrees out today. .. she was so got mum sat her on top of a frozen bag of raspberries to cool her off. (We do NOT need another vet trip!)

Back on the road and driving. We drove through Crow Indian Reservation then Cheyenne Indian Reservation. Beautiful land, gorgeous scenery for as far as the eye can see. Plenty of run down looking living arrangements and plenty of flash new modern style horses too.

When we arrived in Custer National Forest wet found somewhere to pull over and cook dinner. We wyvern a Montana Sunset while eating steak. Pretty nice indeed. Doggies were most upset they did not get their steak, but vet’s orders are simple food low on fat until all stomachs settle.

Back on the road headed towards Badlands National Park.

Viewing some of the most gorgeous scenery America has to offer was a wonderful way to spend July 4th! Happy July 4th from the crazy Qs!

Biggest gas fill up of $139 about 47 gallons.

Total miles 450

Please excuse typos and auto corrects, this is posted from a phone while in a moving vehicle with limited cell service. ..