Winston’s Big Ol’ Roadtrip Day 6

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and FriendsWe got up early eagerly awaiting a call from the vet to let us know Pixel was OK. That was a very long couple of hours! The vet called, Pixel was responding to fluids and medicine and would be OK to take home. He also said “If you would like to spend the day in the park and come back late in the afternoon that would be OK too.” To which I responded “We’ll be there in 15 minutes!”

The staff at Spring Creek Animal Hospital were phenomenal. We can’t recommend them enough! They took wonderful care of our baby and made sure to give us plenty of personal time to answer any questions we might have. Pixel looked so much better and her boy was so very pleased to see her. He hadn’t smiled since she got sick so it was very nice to see!

After finally having our girl back with us we headed to Yellowstone National Park. We drove through the park to the North Entrance only really stopping for quick looks at the wildlife and doggie bathroom breaks. We checked in at our evening location for Winston, Rocky Mountain RV Park in Gardiner, Montana. The staff there were very friendly. The park is cute enough. Clean bathrooms, and showers. They have a small well kept dog run to let the beasties run free in and There is a cute little mini golf set up. The spots for the RVs are small but I am starting to think on the West side of the country that is more normal. It seems you park the RV and leave the campground to find activities, on the East side we are used to parking the RV and there being a pool and all kinds of activities on large grounds.

After checking in we returned to Yellowstone National Park. We drove to the Lamar Valley which was said to be the best wildlife spotting area. At one stop we watched a coyote walk past at about 20 feet from the parked cars. He was interesting to watch stalk something and we were surprised by just how fast they can run when they spot what they are after. AQ, who was desperate to see wolves said “Darn it we have coyote in New Jersey” so off we went to find a wolf. Not long after AQ is screaming that she can see a wolf through her binoculars we stop and verify that indeed she could. Our little wolf child was gleeful with tears in her eyes! Very cute!

Next up wild bison. Everywhere. They are so majestic! At many places they were slowly crossing the road and we got many a close look. There were a lot of calves with each heard which was adorable! We of course witnessed humans being disrespectful. One motorcycle didn’t want to wait for them to pass and weaved through the heard on the road rather than wait in line behind the cars trying to get through. He angered a large male who snorted but didn’t charge, lucky for the motorcyclist. Then we witnessed a sports car do the same later. There were a couple of black bear and beaver sightings (we also have those in New Jersey) and many antler. No spotting of any grisly bears.

We watched the sun set in the valley while eating dinner then drove back to the campground. On our return we drove through this little town at the North Entrance that had HUGE reindeer everywhere just hanging out and eating grass among the human’s. It was almost like they were lawn ornaments! Very large lawn ornaments.

All doggie stomach seem to be nearly back to normal. They are all loving traveling about and smelling new smells. We are all thrilled to have Pickie (Pixel) back with us.

Total 221 miles