Winston’s Big Ol’ Roadtrip Day 13

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IMG_20150710_183552The kids were desperate to swim in the pool so we hung out at the campground in the morning. They stayed in the campground pool  until a huge thunderstorm blasted through.

We hunkered down in Winston and waited the thunderstorm out then got on the road.

On the road we stopped for food and discovered a “hyperstore”. The boys went in and mum thought they were never returning! What seemed liked eternity later they came out with all kinds of supplies including food for the road and a funnel to put oil in Winston’s generator. They were quite thrilled with their find. They couldn’t stop talking about how the store was like it’s own little town.

The weather was pretty bad and drivers in Kentucky are rather terrible, possibly worse than New Jersey and that’s saying a lot! So we decided to just hit the road.

We blasted through the rest of Kentucky and as we hit West Virginia mum took over driving while ZQ and Dad did their online math class. Mum thinksat she can safely say that she is the only RV driver in the world that got yelled at for driving into a no cell service area because “DAMN IT MUM, WE JUST LOST SERVICE AND WE WERE ABOUT TO PROVE THE PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM!” Yup, the Qs are definitely a bunch of traveling nerds!

Mum downed a starbucks before driving so we decided to just get the miles done. The Qs have to return to work.

Misstypes and spelling errors can be blamed on my lack of sleep and posting on my not so smart phone while in a fast moving Winston.

Total miles 457