Winston’s Big Ol Roadtrip Day 12

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and Friends

Cowboy and his dog

After some sad news from home and a terribly restless night at the icky truck stop Mumma Q woke up good n grouchy! She wanted a good long hot shower and was desperate to get on the road to find one. Not to mention the stop they were at gave her the heeby-jeebies!

The day did not start well. Mumma Q took the puppies out to the bathroom. She thought she had checked the grass and didn’t see anything. But just as the Qs were about to get on the road Jabba the Juggle started freaking out. This was terrifying for us as we call her “The Indestructable”. Nothing ever seems to phase her, not even the cactus thorns in the desert she got all over her. “Jabba don’t care”. So for her to be so horribly upset we knew something bad had happened. She had 3 out of 4 paws that were on fire and she was trembling. We administered Benedryl and tried to wash and cool her paws. She was frantic. Poor baby then spent much of the day on Mum’s lap. The only thing we found near where she went to the bathroom was small bee looking things. Which didn’t make sense to us as she appeared to have multiple stings on 3 paws. Plus these bees were on the ground, clearly their nest was in the ground. Africanized bees perhaps?

On the road we spotted signs for Santa Claus, Indiana. Well we can’t pass that by without stopping to take a picture! Just by chance at the exit we came accross signs for Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial. What an amazing historical place! Very informative. The Qs had a great time wondering around even after the heaven’s opened up and soaked the Qs they still had nothing but good things to say about this Memorial!

The rain made traveling slow. We didn’t put many miles in today.

We stopped at Marengo Caves. This was a great place to hide out from the rain! Mumma Q took a nap with the 4 legged babies. That was lovely! The kids loved their tour around the cave. It was a good hour long tour that was very informative and the kids learned a lot. They came back all bubbly so the cave was a hit!

Back on the road we stumbled across Aj’s Gyro’s To Go. What a great find! They were very patient with our fussy family and we left with happy full bellies! The ice-cream shakes were especially delicious!

Navigator EQ chose Whispering Hills RV Park as our next stop. Mumma Q was so glad to be going to a real stop with real hot showers! The campground is lovely. The showers are a full room you can lock with a toilet right in there. Very handy if you have small children or if you just want to spreed out a little. The facilities were sparkling clean. There is a lake to fish, basketball court, playground for kids and a great pool. The RV sites are a little close together and not shaded but this is how most of the campgrounds not in New Jersey we have been to so far have been like. Plus did we mention how clean and pleasant the showers were?!

Jabba the Juggle seems to have mostly recovered from her rough morning.

Total miles: 278