Winston’s Big Ol’ Roadtrip Day 11

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The Q Cowboys

The Q family got up and moving slow. The boys went for a short bike ride then we packed up and visited the town and checked out the cool antique stores. Lots of awesome old stuff to see.

Next we headed to the town of Wamego, Kansas. We had lunch at Totoz Tacoz. It was delicious! (Toto-ly Oz-some!) Fabulous service and great food!

Next up the Oz Museum. The kids had a blast there. The museum was filled with loads of fun facts about the movie and books. Totally worth the stop.

Of course we then had to stop at Vanderbilts boot store across the road and get suited up cowboy style. Cowboy boots for the Q kids and Mum plus cowboy hats for the boys! The staff were wonderfully helpful and patient (they need to be with our crew!).

On the road again. We didn’t stop until we saw a Starbucks sign and decided that Kansas City, Missouri had to be our next stop. On the way to find the Starbucks we spotted a real live gaming store. The nerds of our family almost jumped out of a moving Winston they were so excited! What a great find for our nerds! Check them out on facebook: Gamers Workshop Gaming Store.

In the Starbucks the Q family made quite a scene all suited up cowboy style. People were whispering and taking pictures. Pretty sure there are some Q family pictures floating around instagram somewhere listed as “Real Cowboys”. LOL! They could hear us talking! Don’t they know that we are just idiots from New Jersey playing dress-up?!! lol

We picked up wings at WingStop. The Q family got in touch with their redneck roots by eating their dinner in a Walmart parking lot! Yes, we were still dressed in our cowboy getup!

Our next goal was to see The Gateway Arch, in St Louis, Missouri. That was a bit of a google fail! Seriously google! Not only did it take us down terribly narrow cobbled streets but we ended up on the wrong side of the arch which meant we could only see half of it as an overpass was covering it. We also ended up trapped and had to go the wrong way up a one way street to get out! Thankfully it was very late and the streets were empty!!! Phew! We made it out and decided the quick view we caught from Winston’s windows were enough. So long Missouri!

We drove as far away from St Louis as we could handle and pulled in to a rest stop to sleep a while. The rest stop was seedy. There were so many trucks we were not comfortable having Winston’s windows open and as the generator needs and oil change it was a hot sticky and not well rested evening.

Funny of the day:

Dad: “Hey look it’s doggie boarding! That’s where I’m sending you and your sister next trip if you don’t learn to get along”

ZQ the moody teen looks up from the book he has been hiding in the entire trip and says “Wait, you’re water boarding him? This I gotta see!”

Total miles: 454