Winston’s Big Ol’ Roadtrip Day 10

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and FriendsZQ woke up this morning and said “Jabba, you have officially created a new biome. The Sandy bed biome.”

We drove all the way to Kansas because we had never been to Kansas and Mum had spotted “Monument Rocks” on the internet and wanted to see them. What the internet had failed to mention was the trip included a 7 mile dirt road which made Dad so nervous he almost turned back. He was so stressed getting there in Winston the trip was almost a bust.

When we got to the rocks there was a heard of cattle grazing there. Jabba the Juggle ran off after a bird and chased it right into the middle of the cow heard scaring Mum. We were convinced she was going to be trampled! But she sat in the middle of the heard like she had just met her long lost friends and we were able to retrieve her. Such a silly dog.

If you are willing to do the dirt road the “Monument Rocks” are totally worth it. Very pretty. Especially as they are right in the middle of a prairie so they really stand out as something odd. Mum took loads of pictures but the kids were a little “natured out” so were not as impressed.

ZQs comment when he stepped out of Winston: “What did you put into Google? Take me to the middle of nowhere?”

Back on the road and Dad took a nap while Mum drove. EQ was co-pilot and did some research on where we should stop next. He discovered “Mill Creek Camprgound” which had hiking trails, a creek and was within walking distance to an historic town. It was also close to the “Oz Museum” which he also decided he wanted to see. It was very cute having EQ as co-pilot/navigator for the day.

Driving about the mirage that looks like there is water far ahead on the road EQ says “Hey, it looks just like when MineCraft is lagging!” This entire trip has been compared to their video games!

We drove through Kansas for most of the day. It was a beautiful drive. The colors in Kansas are so pretty. We arrived at the campground around 8pm. The campground is adorable but the owner could use being a little friendlier. AQ and EQ ran off and played with the kids at the campground while Dad made pizza dinner and Mum got some washing done.


Total Miles: 544