Winston’s Big Ol Road Trip Day 5

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and FriendsThis day did not start well. After bloody diarrhea all night we decided that we would have to find a vet for Pixel the Boston Terrier. When Pixel woke up she solidified our decision by looking terrible and lethargic. We called the Spring Creek Animal Hospital in Jackson Hole and the friendly staff said to bring her down and they would fit her in. Of course on the one hour drive to the vet she started to perk up a little but the vet advised we leave her with him as we were about to travel away from civilization again. So a very sad Q family left our little girl and traveled around Jackson Hole, Wyoming waiting for a call from the vet to see how Pixel was doing.

We dropped the boys and their bikes at Nelson Trailhead and the girls went shopping. AQ bought mis-matched (she bought 2 pair and wears one of each) cowgirl boots and a hat at Wyoming Outfitters. We loved this store because they allowed dogs! So Godzilla and Jabba were allowed to come with us while we shopped!

Then we walked to the town park where we took pictures under the Antler arches and hung out enjoying the sights. Jabba the Juggle got load of attention and loved this park!

We picked up the boys and discovered that the vet would like Pixel to stay the night. So we cancelled out night in Grand Teton National Park and made a reservation at Jackson Hole Campground so we could be close to our baby when she was ready to be picked up. We drove down to the little town of South Park, just because it was South Park and were very disappointed to see they didn’t bother to erect a giant Cartman Statue!

We settled into the campground and ate dinner then drove to Snake River to see the sunset. We took a long walk along the river and even let the 2 crazy dogs have some leash free time. They were in doggie heaven!

Sleeping was hard without our Pixel, everyone was a little stressed!

288 total miles