Winston’s Big Ol Road Trip Day 4

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and FriendsWe got up and on the road early. We were determined to make Grand Teton National Park before the day ended. Mum drove without really stopping to sight see much. 317 Miles with just quick coffee and 4 legged bathroom stops.

Our first “emergency” situation was making it to the Grand Teton National Forest and Mum had a bit of a “gotta go now” toilet thing. Now Dad has this OCD thing about cleaning human waste from Winston so the humans have not been allowed to go #2 in Winston. Well, Mum parked at a spot that looked like it might have a toilet. After searching for 15 minutes there was no longer an option and Winston got christened! Ooops!

Next up we get to Grand Teton National Park and find a campsite. Then off to explore! First stop somewhere to see the Teton’s reflect in the lake. We found an excellent spot that even had access to the water so of course Jabba the Juggle had to go swimming. She got so muddy and had a blast. Soon another family joined us on our little spot. Their daughter was brave like ours and dived right into the water, well, of course our humans took that as a challenge and all but Dad and Zman got right in the lake. At least it was a very hot day as this lake is snow fed! It was a lovely little excursion into paradise. All Q family members had fun until little AQ found a leech on her leg! That was the end of that! Back to Winston to wash off and check for more leeches and try and calm down a rather hysterical child.

NEXT, while all this was happening Pixel the Boston Terrier got sick and threw up on ALL of Zman’s bedding. So Mum spent the night at the launderette cleaning puke while Dad tried to campfire up a dinner. Dinner didn’t go too successfully either and involved chicken that had somehow gone bad, dropping a plate and smashing it in the dark and not getting the grill hot enough to even cook hotdogs! Finally tired Dad pulled off something edible for the children and came back to pick up Mum and the fresh clean washing. In the rush Mum forgot her charger cord and had no phone. (Campsites here do not allow generators after 8pm.) She and Zman attempted to go back to the launderette to charge but gave up halfway there when they couldn’t take the wildlife noises in the dark anymore. Mum was especially nervous as her teen was threatening to sacrifice her if it was a grisly that showed up.

Still, the sunset was PHENOMENAL! Totally worth every second of trouble!

Total 317 Miles