Winston’s Big Ol Road Trip Day 4

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and FriendsThe day Dad tried to kill our humans…

The day started out lovely. Fresh air like you have never breathed. Quiet like we have never known!

Took the dogs out and discovered Pixel the Boston has bad diarrhea now. Pixel the Boston has a sensitive stomach so a little diarrhea now and then usually just means she ate something that didn’t agree with her and it typically doesn’t last long. But this morning was starting to concern Mum.

Dad got some work done, then we had a lovely omelet breakfast then headed out to Yellowstone National Park. We drove, stopped and took in sights then drove, repeat. It is truly gorgeous here. We are pretty sure you could spend a month here and not get bored, nor would you see all there is to see!

We pulled into the parking lot of Old Faithful and there was no parking, it is a very popular spot! So Dad dumped the Q family out and the kids were able to see and even video it going off. They were thrilled. The 4 legged Qs pooped at Old Faithful, not sure how many can claim that 😉 (of course we used doggie bags).

Now to the death march… touring Yellowstone National Park is very easy. Most sights to see are a very short distance from the parking area. We were lured into a sense of security by this fact and turned off our thinking brains. We stopped to see the geysers near Fairy Falls. It was a beautiful sight and we walked in the heat taking in the scenery. We walked a long way in the heat without water when there was a turn off to “Fairy Falls”. Dad has always been the “Always be prepared” kind of a person and he takes this to a very OCD level there have been many a family lecture on this point. So when this Dad turns to us and says “It’s only 1.6 miles we can do it in 15minutes” and then as we protest that no, we have no water, we are all hot, we need to get back to the RV, this same OCD outdoors person is squawking “Nope we’ll be fine”. Well, we just didn’t know how to handle it! Mum took EQ back to the RV with the excuse that the doggies needed to be cared for and EQ shouldn’t be out much longer in the heat and sulfur with his asthma. Mum and EQ got back to the RV and did the REAL math on how long the rest of the Q family would be out in the heat with no water and quickly prepared their missing family members food and water. When they finally returned nearly 2 hours later Daddy Q was eating very humble pie and admitting that he made a rookie hiking mistake and that he couldn’t do math anymore. Thankfully they soaked their clothes in water and made it back OK. Poor ZQ was pretty wreaked though.

Pixel the Boston Terrier was sick and lethargic all day. All 3 Q doggies digested something that gave them diarrhea. It has not been fun cleaning that from the National Park! We want to be responsible dog owners so took extra special care to clean it all up but cleaning doggie diarrhea is not easy! Not to mention not good for the stomach! ICK! Jabba the Juggle and Godzilla the Shih Poo seemed to kick whatever it was pretty quickly but Pixel the Boston was very sick all day and by evening we had blood in what was coming out and the humans had nightmares all night about her not making it through the night! Also, on the way back through Yellowstone to our campground she puked on the blanket ZQ was sleeping in so guess we Mum had to spend her late evening, yup, the laundry mart.

We managed to spot 2 buffalo on the way back out of Yellowstone and having to make frequent doggie poo stops got to see some amazing scenery.

We ate at the Jackson Lake Lodge for dinner  for a late dinner. The food was delicious, service amazing!

Important note, We have had very little cellular service since we hit Wyoming.