Winston’s Big Ol Road Trip Day 3

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The Crazy Qs, Nebraska Sunset

Woke up early and got on the road today. Traveled about 220 miles before stopping at Mormon Island State Park, Nebraska. For $5 we were able to plug in the RV and cook lunch. We took advantage of the clean showers and facilities. It was very pleasant. The humans went for a bike ride along the trails which was very scenic. We doggy types just walked around the lake. It was a very pretty find right off the highway.

Mum made it driving about another 40 miles and she had to hand the wheel over to Dad. Mum laid down with us and napped for an hour or two. We loved that! Mum woke up just in time to take a picture of the Nebraska State sign and find us somewhere cool to stop and sight see.

First sight seeing side trip was to Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area. We wish we had far more time here! The doggies took their first hike through a western trail. The new smells for doggies were awesome! The humans loved the gorgeous scenery but we just enjoyed sniffing around. Pixel the Boston Terrier learned very quickly that cactus are not good for sniffing! Huge stone cliffs, and you could see forever. Truly magnificent.

Along the drive we found a wolf statue on top of a cliff. Very exciting for our little wolf child “Accalia”. She is already in love with Nebraska.

Next stop, Scott’s Bluff National Monument. Another WOW! Scott’s Bluff was stunning! We waited until they closed the main road to vehicles then hiked up the road to the top of the mountain and watched a breathtaking sunset. The boy humans road their bikes up and Mum is still pretending they did not race back down the mountain at break-neck speed. All arrived back to Winston unharmed with an overload of gorgeous memories.

We cooked dinner and then drove another 60 miles and tucked in at a rest stop for the evening. All humans and dogs are exhausted and snoring loudly, well Mum is still typing but about to tuck in too. Grand Teton tommorrow! Can’t wait!

Total for today 600 miles