Winston’s 1st Big Ol Road Trip Day 2

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and FriendsDay 2 was a bit of a Rollercoaster ride! It stayed out pretty well. Dogs were fed and “watered”, poop baggies were used. The teen boys remained asleep as we kicked Winston into gear and headed west. We drove about 200 miles to Marquette Beach Park on Lake Michigan which is part of the Great Lakes, America.

We found this park on at first getting there seemed like maybe we were getting Google lost but after driving past forgotten gas stations and beat up areas we found this gem on the lake. The great lakes are beautiful. A sight to see! Marquette Beach was gorgeous. The humans rode some bike trails then we were told our 4 legged friends were not allowed on the beach. The staff however were very friendly and helped us find a beach on Lake Street not too far down the road that we 4 legged beasties could go swimming too. We had so much fun splashing in the water and fooling around. We got soo sandy and messy but we are so cute our humans forgave us.

We had a minor poop accident in the water! Godzilla the Shih Poo LOVES the water. She will run and play in the waves all day. Sadly she forgot that she needed to poop and stopped and pooped right in the water! This lead to her human running up and scooping soggy poop up with his hand and standing holding it while Mum desperately tried to open a poopie bag! We were proud of our human for keeping his cool while holding a soggy poop. Never a dull moment!

After a lovely stop poor Jabba the Juggle got a little desperate to poop and didn’t know where to go so there was an emergency stop to clean poop.

Traveling on route 80 through Iowa was pretty unpleasant with all the 1 lane road construction not made easier by the heavy rain while driving. We ended up making it to a rest stop on route 80 and parking for the night.

Total 640 miles.