Provincetown, MA

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

Sunset on the Beach, Provincetown

The Qs met Sadie the Puggle this morning and spent much of the morning chatting with her and her owners. Slowly the Qs got motivated and headed towards Provincetown, MA. We are camped a little over an hour from Provincetown. We went straight to the Pilgrim Monument. Mum found a shady spot to hang with the 4 legged family members while the rest of the Qs climbed to the top of the Monument. Pixel the Boston Terrier heard her boy from where we were sitting and went nuts waiting for him. She really doesn’t like it when he leaves her behind.

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

The humans left me to guard their shoes

The Qs then headed for Main Street, Provincetown in search of food. Amazingly we found a restaurant that said dog friendly and invited us in, you should have seen their faces when they realised we had THREE dogs! lol. JD’s woodfire grill was decent. The service was excellent and they were wonderful to let us in with 3 small dogs. They were kind to the kids and did their best to make us happy. The food was OK. The sushi was better than the pizza and the Clam Chowder was DELICIOUS! Everything else was just OK. Still if you are dinning with a 4 legged pal we recommend this restaurant, especially as Massachusetts in general is not terribly dog friendly.

After dinner we explored main street. There was a festival on and everyone was all decked out in fancy dress. It was a fun atmosphere.

We found a spot on the beach and it was low tide so we let the dogs run nuts in the slush. They had so much fun but oh my did they get filthy! The entire walk back to the car was spent arguing over who had to sleep with the doggie messes!

We left Provincetown just as a lightening storm hit so timing was pretty good!

We had campfire popcorn and called it a lovely day!