North East Roadtrip Weekend – Cape Cod

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

Sunset Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown

Cape Cod was last weekend’s Roadtrip destination. FINALLY! We have been trying to book Cape Cod all Summer. Turns out some campers informed us Cape Cod is booked a year in advance! We booked a “Premium Site” at Bayview Campground. This campground is simply wow! Huge spots, great amenities and activities, THREE pools! The staff were lovely and they are very pet friendly. They have an awesome dog park that is huge as well as a dirt track dog walk that follows the outline of the campground. We had a great time here! The only drawback is the price. Seriously people, you need to remember we are renting a plot of dirt from you, not a hotel room. For comparison, we paid $90 a night. You can stay at the Sheraton for $159 and have a hotel room and a pool… camping prices are getting a little ridiculous my friends!

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

The humans left me to guard their shoes

There was much to do in Cape Cod. We spent a day in Providencetown and Dad & the kids climbed the Pilgrim Monument while Mum found a shady spot to wait with the 4 legged monsters. More detail on that day in a previous post.

The first day we wandered about merrily. In Sandwhich we found a great bridge to jump off. Then stopped for clam chowder and ice-cream at Hallet’s Store. The owner was WONDERFUL. AQ left her retainer there and he found it out of the trash for us and left it where we could return to get it an hour after closing. We are very grateful! The ice-cream was delicious and the clam chowder was very good too.

The National Seashore Beaches are dog friendly! So the Q boys and dogs spent the rest of the day there while Mum & AQ drove almost 2 hours to retrieve the retainer then return to the rest of the Qs. Aaaahhh there is always an adventure with the Qs! lol. We returned in time to watch the sunset at Nauset Lighthouse which was a treat.

The final day was very hot, too hot for the dogs to be in the car waiting while the Qs jumped the bridge so the Qs went to the bridge while Mum and the monsters checked out the really awesome dog park. We stayed until the monsters were too hot and tired to move then retreated for some pleasant quiet time in Winston!

We cooked a lovely meal in Winston including the much begged for oreo cookie smoothie. Seriously, they get fruit smoothies and campfire marshmallows every day but there is always something new to nag for lol!

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs EverThe Qs split up again for the evening. Mum, ZQ and the 4 legged beasties headed for an local, not very well known spot to watch the sunrise while Dad, AQ & EQ went off on a long bike ride. I almost hate to mention The Knob, Falmouth as it is a little known spot which meant we almost had a private beach to ourselves to watch the sunset! What an amazing find! We walked through gorgeous scenery with the dogs (yay somewhere dogs are allowed in Massachusetts!) to a quiet and truly gorgeous spot that has breathtaking views of the setting sun.

Monday we had an appointment in New York City so we had to fly home, driving right past NYC in Winston, drop of beasties, then drive back into New York City! Thankfully the traffic Gods were smiling on us and really gave us a pretty easy time of it considering just how much driving was done. Mum likes to put fruit tea bags in her water bottles to add some flavor, AQ helping out made Mum’s water bottle and at 3am when Mum still couldn’t sleep Mum discovered AQ had accidentally put the caffeinated tea in. THAT explains the odd taste… lucky Mum didn’t overdose considering all the coffee she drinks!