Mumma it smells soo good!

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

Pixel actually wants food! The last 2 weeks offering her food has been like you were trying to give her acid!

When Mum is in the kitchen the 4 legged monsters are usually in there but not begging. They probably realise that they will get trod on if they try. This day however was different. Pixel the delicate little princess Boston Terrier has been sick on and off for a week. She will get better then start again. Exhausted from being up all night with her Mum gave up and decided to try homemade dog food and see if that would settle her stomach. Somehow, they knew it was doggie stew she was cooking, which is funny because the humans kept going buy asking if that was for them, it smelled good. (The humans are jealous that Mum treats the dogs so well, the children are convinced they have been replaced.)

So, plain meats, water and some vegetables she knew Pixel already liked (she loves raw vegetables as treats when she is not sick) Pixel is finally eating! It’s been full days with no stomach troubles and Pixel is even gaining a little much needed weight! YAY!

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

Mumma please. Look I can be really good. I can even sit like a good girl! Jabba you just let us know you DO actually know what we want when we tell you to sit! DOH!

Dad thinks this is outrageous and Mum has lost her mind. Mum says she would rather do a little extra cooking than clean puke and… the other stuff… all night long. If the washing machine has to wash all the bedding in the house every day it will go on strike! Besides, have you seen the cost of “organic grain free dog food” (which we had switched to trying to eliminate allergy issues)??? It actually works out cheaper to cook for Miss Priss!