Jabba the Juggle Puppy

Jabba the Juggle Puppy – Part Pug, Part Jack Russel Terrier, Part Beagle and 100% Trouble!

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the Juggle Puppy

Jabba’s first picture. That sneaky breeder knows JUST what she is doing!

Once upon a time there was a Jack-a-bee (Jack Russel Terrier mixed with a Beagle) that got a little friendly with a pug.  The outcome was 8 adorable juggle puppies.

“Why did we get a third puppy?” you might ask… well the story we tell ourselves so we sleep better at night goes something like this… We have three children. As mentioned on the story of Pixel, our middle child who never asks for anything, had asked for a Boston Terrier for his birthday every year for four years. So we had a little family meeting and discussed this. Every member of the family had to agree that Pixel was THE ONLY dog we will ever get and there will be none of this “a dog for every child nonsense”. Well, we forgot one little detail. Our eldest child was visiting relatives in New Zealand. Though he was included in this discussion and despite modern technology giving us the ability to communicate with the opposite side of the planet in real time, we missed how devastated he was. Possibly as we were all a bit in shock at the mere idea of a second dog in the first place. Puppy accidents and up all hours of the night was about all that was rolling around in our heads. So, eldest child now feels like he went to New Zealand and we replaced him with a dog and all kinds of other struggling to be a teen with siblings to compete with ideas. Sigh! Not being much of a talker we actually had no idea what was wrong until two months later when his birthday was looming (lucky we remembered it between bleary eyed puppy accident cleaning!) and he finally tells us why he has been so terribly moody and “I will give up ALL presents for ALL birthday’s & Christmases for the rest of my life if I can just get a puppy of my own”. We must have been terribly sleep deprived as we caved. Pixel is such a wonderful dog that he really wanted another Boston Terrier but was hesitant as the siblings are so competitive he really does not ever want anything the same as his brother…. so we did some research, then some more, then some more. He kept going back to the Boston Terriers. We even called about a few but they were all taken. One day as my daughter and I were walking through the city we stumbled upon three Boston Terriers and a pug (THAT women is crazier than me! HA! I should have taken her number or at least a photo to prove this) we chatted for a long time on the street and enjoyed lots of snuggles. This lovely stranger gave me some sound advice, I asked if the Boston’s got along well and she said they are not terribly friendly with each-other as they are such a dominant breed they are constantly battling to see who is top dog. She said that the pug gets along with all of them and was a much better sibling choice for a Boston. (Boy was she right!!) So pug research began. I did NOT like the shedding idea and kept telling myself another Boston would be a much better idea but my son found Jabba (the hut) and it was love at first sight. I sighed at the thought of all that dog hair everywhere and comforted myself with the though that Jabba will become Pixel’s BEST FRIEND FOREVER.

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the Juggle Puppy

Jabba the Juggle Puppy at about 3 months old

Jabba was the feistiest of the litter. Always chasing her siblings and getting into trouble. My son fell instantly in love. He couldn’t stop taking about the heart shaped mark on her nose that matches the heart shaped white tuft of fur on her chest. Jabba attached herself to Dad’s sock causing a rarely seen pre-teen giggle so Dad sighed and handed over a deposit to the breader. 2 weeks later I was the mother of the happiest 13 year old on the planet (for at least an entire day!).

Jabba’s first weeks with the Q Family she followed you around with a “where am I?” look on her face. She got cold easily so we kept her in a sweater. Occasionally she would slip out of it and everyone would scream “OMG! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! IT’S NAKEY PUPPY”. Jabba took so long to potty train I felt like I would spend the rest of my life cleaning poop – this is how she earned her first Nickname “Honey Colored Poop Nugget”. Jabba is a runner. We were so blessed with Godzilla & Pixel, when Jabba learned to move & would start then never find a stop button, we were shocked. (So much for pugs only having short bursts of energy!) She cannot ever be allowed of her leash. She is not to be trusted. I once had to spend 40 minutes in 3 feet of snow trying to catch her all the while thinking “you’re lucky my son loves you or I would just let you go”. She ate so many poison berries, sticks and leaves that she left me little puke presents to clean up. Did I mention how much I like cleaning?

Jabba has been a wonderful, loving, hilarious addition to the Q family and I have officially become known as “The Crazy Dog Lady”. It’s been almost a year now and my neighbor still laughs and says “I just can’t believe you have 3 dogs!” every time they go to visit him, which is only about 3 times a day…

I still have my eye on a boxer…. or a Frenchie…man they are cute!



  • Name: Jabba after Jabba the Hutt – as a puppy she was brown and wrinkly much like Jabba the Hut. Plus how can you go wrong with a Star Wars name?!
  • Born: Late August 2014 (No we do NOT remember the exact date as she was dog number 3 and we lost her birth certificate!)
  • Breed: Juggle – 1/2 pug, 1/4 Jack Russel, 1/4 Beagle
  • Size: Small enough to trip over as she is constantly under your feet and very quiet
  • Color: Brown with white markings – or as we like to call her, honey colored poop nugget, seriously this girl can poop her body weight in one go!
  • Distinguishing Features: Heart shaped pigment deformity on her nose, heart shaped tuft of white fur on her chest.
  • Nicknames: “Pugga”, “Pugg-a-late”, “Honey Colored Poop Nugget”,
  • Theme Song: Michael Jackson’s “Bad”
  • Personality: CRAZY!!! Totally and utterly “Cray, Cray!” She is lucky she is such a lover as her BAD BAD BAD girl ways would likely have made her life very short otherwise! Addicted to coffee, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT leave your coffee unguarded, she will find a way to sneak it. Will eat ANYTHING! Not kidding. Even rocks. She once leaped out of bed from a sound sleep, ate a dust bunny, then leaped back on the bed and went to sleep. This girl will follow you ANYWHERE with a “Whatcha doing now? Ready for some snuggles?” look on her face. Loves your lap and will stay there all day and night if you let her. SNORES so loud she can be heard from another floor in the house! Truly one of a kind.