Faolin the Pompsky

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It was 2017. We had a very full family with three kids and three dogs. Accalia our wolf child is upset that none of those three dogs officially belong to her but both her brothers already have one. As her birthday neared it was all she could talk about. Finally we caved. There was no way we could have a wolf so we looked for an acceptable substitute. We found a Pomeranian Husky mix that is basically a miniature version of a husky.



We went to see a family that had 5 siblings up for adoption. Accalia went directly to one and didn’t put it down. When we finally convinced her to take a look at the siblings to be sure the little puppy followed her looking sad. It was an instant bond and we found our latest family member.

We named her Faolin which is a celtic name for a little wolf. Pronunciation.

“Comes from the word faol “”wolf.”” The earliest record of the name seems to be for a follower of the warrior Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend) who was so loyal that he would have rescued Fionn from captivity, even from God himself.”



  • Name: Faolan.
  • Born: March 21 2017
  • Breed: Pompsky – mix of Pomeranian and Husky.
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: White with soft markings that make her look like a snow leopard
  • Distinguishing Features: Blue husky eyes ringed in black. Light shadows of husky markings in soft gray and brown.
  • Nicknames: Trouble
  • Theme Song: Shakira’s She Wolf
  • Personality: So very sweet. Curious and smart. Very much a people lover.