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Finally we can walk the Jabba Monster!

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever

Look Jabba is actually BEHIND her!!!

Jabba is a sweet, sweet girl but you get her outside and her nose goes to the ground and she just goes and goes and goes…. she entirely forgets the world around her and just follows her nose like some kind of sniffer dog in a cartoon. Jabba is also deceptively strong. Jabba can pull so hard you need to lift weights at the gym to keep her from pulling you over! This little monster has broken more harnesses than we can count and once even broke the “tie out” that we had outside for her.

We found “The Company of Animals Halti Dog Harness” and did not have high hopes but were willing to try anything. It must be laced with some kind of chill pill! We put it on and Jabba just settles and is PLEASANT to walk with! (We are joking about it being laced btw) Jabba is not a dog we can take for walks without loosing an arm in battle! Now to work on her other issues….

Awesome dog gear for hiking or out and about

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs EverPossibly one of the best purchases we made for this mobile family was the collapsible silicon dog water bowl. Amazing product! It is clipped with a D clip on my backpack and we take it everywhere. No more wasting drinking water trying to get the dogs to drink from our water bottles as we tip them out for them!


Greenies! We are not 100% certain that these thoroughly clean teeth but what we do know for sure is our dogs will do anything if they know a greenie is coming! Godzilla the Shih Poo will sit through tedious grooming, Pixel the fussy Boston Terrier will let you trim her nails and Jabba the Juggle, well, she got distracted by rocks when they were dishing out brains, so she tries. Greenies certainly help with doggie breath, especially if you have a wildlife poop connoisseur or two… or three…