Acadia, Maine Roadtrip

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Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and Friends

Wonderland Trail, Acadia National Park, Maine

So there was a little mishap in booking the next roadtrip…. while in Scarborough, Maine (Scarborough, Maine Roadtrip Post) we decided to do another trip the following weekend and meet Dad up North again. The problem is that the entire North East Coast seems to be entirely sold out of RV sites. It took a long time to find the Maine campground in the first place. So while the kids were playing Mum did some hunting on her phone with limited cell and internet… the result being finding Bar Harbor. Now, Mum was pretty tired and had called at least a million (OK so maybe more like 30 but it sure seemed like a million) campgrounds by this point. When she google mapped Bar Harbor Google maps told her it was about an hour and a half away. What Mum did not realise is the starting point had changed from the location where Dad will be working this week to the location she was currently at, as in far North in Maine…. Mum KOA in Bar Harbor, it had a site, they were super pet friendly and they were nice so book away she did!

Three Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Jabba the JuggleThree Times the Cute - Cutest Dogs Ever - Winston the RV and Friends

A boy and his pal, Acadia National Park

Mum drove home Monday night, rushed about completing errands and getting ready for Winston’s next trip. Thursday Mum decided to check the route to the campground and discovered uh oh, it is a 9 hour drive, without traffic, which anyone driving the North East route’s knows NEVER happens. The bonus was that the campground was next to Acadia National Park so Mum decided to give it a shot anyhow.

We left in good enough time but the traffic, oh the traffic! We ended up reaching the campground at 11pm! Thank goodness for their wonderful late check in policy! We arrived at the KOA in Bar Harbor to discover a map with our name in it and all kinds of material advising us on anything we might need to get settled in. What a pleasant surprise considering we were so late we wondered if we might need to find a parking lot to hide in for the night! Whats more the campsite had to be back into and as we were doing that a staff member showed up and helped us back in! As it was dark and we were super tired Mum appreciated the help getting lined up! Awesome friendly staff! They were so nice!

Of course we were all exhausted so the beds were found and we were all soon snoring away!

We spent the 3 days exploring Acadia National Park. It is one of Mum’s favourite places in the country. One of the first she ever went to after arriving too. The kids and 4 legged kids had a blast. It is far north so it was nice and cool for hiking the mountains but not so cool the kids didn’t enjoy swimming. We even found a trail called Wonderland Trail which is a short walk through to a quiet shoreline where dogs were allowed. It wasn’t safe looking for swimming but the kids dipped their feet and played in the rocks for hours. It was a peaceful day.

Monday night Mum decided to just get moving and try to avoid some of the traffic. Every rest stop they stopped in along the way was full of travelers and truckers and had nowhere to park so they just ended up driving through the night and getting home at 5am. Zac stayed awake most of the drive entertaining Mum with overtired nonsense. A teen can be very amusing if you sleep deprive them!

Mum was relieved to get home but the sights in Acadia National Park were totally worth the trip!